Dr Helen Lockett

Design and design tools
Work position: Senior Lecturer
Category: Academic input

Helen Lockett joined the College of Aeronautics at Cranfield University in 1997. She undertook her PhD entitled “A Knowledge Based Manufacturing Advisor for CAD” as a staff candidate while working at Cranfield University and has a BSc in Electronic Engineering from the University of Sussex. Helen is a Chartered Engineer and teaches Computer Aided Design, Computer Aided Manufacturing, Design for Manufacture and Integrated Product Development at post-graduate level.

Helen’s research interests are in intelligent design tools, design for manufacture/ maintainability and additive manufacturing. She is a co-investigator on the Aerospace Technology Institute-Airbus funded Future of Aircraft Factory project which is investigating design opportunities to ease the systems installation process for Airbus wings. She has previously contributed as co-investigator to three EPSRC funded research projects (Ready to Use Additive Manufacture, Capability based PSS conceptual design and Assessing the value created by Product Service Systems) and two major European Union funded research projects in aircraft multidisciplinary design.

Helen has been a long-standing contributor to the WAAMMat programme, investigating the design opportunities and challenges for WAAM. She has supervised 2 PhD students and 8 MSc research projects in the area of Wire and Arc Additive Manufacture as well as a further 5 MSc projects looking more widely at 3D printing and additive manufacturing in polymers and metals. She has also undertaken industrial design studies for Aircraft Research Association and Bombardier Aerospace. Helen’s particular interest is in defining the design rules for WAAM parts and a formalising the design process for designers of WAAM parts. Helen is also interested in automating aspects of WAAM design within a CAD system.