Dr Paul Colegrove

Cold work, hardware and software development
Work position: Senior Lecturer
Category: Academic input

After working for a few years in the steel industry and then as a consultant Paul obtained a PhD from Cambridge University in 2004 on modelling of Friction Stir Welding.  After a short post-doctoral research post in Cambridge, Paul became a lecturer at Cranfield University in 2006.  He was successful in winning his first grant application from the EPSRC on “Static and Dynamic Rolling to Reduce Residual Stress and Distortion”.  He was also the CoI on a number of IMRC projects including “Residual Stress Control for Additive Manufacture of Large Titanium Components” which involved project managing the installation and upgrade of the HiVE Centre and “Bridging the Divide (BtD): Integrated Manufacture of Carbon Composite Metal Joints”.  He has also been the lead investigator on various industrially funded projects including “Process Development and Rolling of Large-Scale Additive Layer Manufacture of Titanium (Ti-6Al-4V) Components” sponsored by EADS/Airbus; Air Products projects on developing shielding devices and cryogenic cooling for Additive Manufacture.  He has also continued his interest in friction based processes through PhD student ships on Friction Stir Welding sponsored by Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht and Linear Friction Welding sponsored by TWI.  He has over 50 publications, with some representative ones shown below [1-4] including 36 in journals and four book chapters.  Finally he has run the MSc course on Welding Engineering for 7 years, teaching four of the modules and supervising a large number of projects.  This course has grown considerably over this period and is well regarding nationally and internationally – educating the next generation of Welding Engineers.