Xiangfang Xu

Mixed materials structures and special steels
Work position: PhD Research Student
Category: Students

Xiangfang started his PhD study here in Oct. 2015. His research area includes mixed structures and specials steels, in which he will work on WAAM for inconel-steel pipelines, and other structures using special steels.

He spent three years learning the main principles of shipbuilding and marine engineering before realizing the vital role of welding in industrial manufacturing, which made him move to this exciting area by finishing his bachelor thesis and then, master degree, on welding projects in Harbin Engineering University. He had been working on high-efficiency arc welding technology (DSAW, double electrode welding, etc.) and dissimilar metals joining (Al/Fe, Mg/Fe and Al/Ti ) during the past three years. In June 2015, he received the certificate of International Welding Engineer (IWE).