Yashwanth Bandari

Manufacturing strategies
Work position: PhD Research Student
Category: Students

Yash is currently in his 3rd year of PhD, investigating the manufacturing strategies suitable for part building. He developed optimum and suitable process algorithms for a range of geometric patterns for feature building, which would go into the control software for WAAM. In addition, he determined the build errors and developed correction algorithms for part building for different materials. He was involved with Lockheed Martin UK, United Technologies Research Centre (UTRC), Glenalmond Technologies for their part building and testing his algorithms.

Earlier, he was a part of TATA Motors Limited, India’s largest Automobile Company, as a Technical Manager (TM2) in the department of Rapid Prototyping. He was involved in strategic and overall planning of styling components of automobiles, manufactured on SLS, SLA and 5-axis CNC.

He graduated from Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB), with manufacturing engineering as specialization and was ranked 3 in his class. His thesis was on improving the hybrid manufacturing facility (Additive+Subtractive on the same platform) for manufacturing various metallic objects and demonstrated for diverse applications like impeller etc. His work yielded 3 International conference papers and a journal, having won the Scholastic Award for his paper presented in "ICMIE-2012" in Singapore.

On other side, he is currently the International Students’ Officer and a vivid cricketer representing the university.