9 Jun

WAAMMat 2016 Industry Day

Celebrating ten years of research on WAAM at Cranfield University

On the 14th and 15th of June, the industry members of the WAAMMat consortium will convene at Cranfield University for the annual Industry Day. This year the event will mark a special occasion: the celebration of the tenth anniversary of research on the Wire + Arc Additive Manufacturing process under the guidance of Prof Stewart Williams. Due to the size and complexity achieved by the research programme, the event will run over two days rather than the usual one. Moreover, while the dissemination event used to be open to the general public, from this edition onwards it will be reserved to WAAMMat members only.

The agenda is as follows:


09:30 Registration, tea, coffee

10:00 10 years of WAAM history, programme update

10:40 Latest titanium mechanical properties

11:00 Microstructural characterisation of Ti

11:20 High deposition rate AM

11:40 BREAK

12:00 HiVE development, rolling, shielding, part building

12:30 Alternative cold work methods

13:00 Out of position deposition

13:20 LUNCH

14:00 WAAMsoft

14:30 Cost and design studies

15:00 Photonics sensors for WAAM

15:20 On-line grain size measurements

15:40 BREAK

15:50 Managing thermal effects

16:20 Deposition of maraging steel

16:40 Deposition of refractories

17:10 Lab tours



09:30 Latest parts built

10:00 High strength aluminium

10:20 Deposit/plate interface studies in aluminium

10:40 AC/DC deposition of aluminium

11:00 BREAK

11:10 Deposition of inconel

11:30 Deposition of stainless

11:50 New multi robot system development and plans

12:10 Use of WAAMMat website

12:30 LUNCH

13:10 Future programme development, new projects, new partners (industrial, academic, and commercial), commerialisation plans, qualification of WAAM

13:55 Open discussion for partners



Filomeno MartinaCranfield