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WAAM for tooling applications

WAAM for tooling.pdf READ MORE (279KB)
Find out more about how WAAM can be used to produce reconfigurable tools, also with integrated / conformal cooling channels

F. Martina - AVT264 NATO Specialists Meeting

F. Martina - AVT264 NATO Specialists Meeting.pptx READ MORE (39946KB)
Presentation given in Tallinn, Estonia by Dr Filomeno Martina in occasion of the AVT - 264 Specialists Meeting on "Design, Manufacturing and Application of Metallic Lightweight Material Components for Military Vehicles"

High-pressure rolling of Ti-6Al-4V

Rolling_latest_2015_02_26.pptx READ MORE (19241KB)
Overview of the application of high-pressure interpass rolling to Ti64 WAAM structures, from the microstructural, mechanical and residual stress viewpoints

WAAM vs machining from solid - A cost comparison

WAAM vs machining from solid - A cost comparison - public 300dpi.pdf READ MORE (3454KB)
Cost framework to estimate the cost of a part made from solid or by WAAM. It provides general considerations on the effect of buy-to-fly, deposition rate, etc on the cost