Meet our team

Programme leads

Prof Stewart Williams

Head of welding engineering and laser processing
Programme director

Dr Jialuo Ding

Principal Research Fellow in Additive Manufacture
Lead researcher

Sónia Meco

Senior Research Fellow and Project Manager
Programme Manager

Academic input

Dr Supriyo Ganguly

Reader in Welding and Additive Materials Science
Metallurgy and fatigue & damage tolerance

Prof Ralph Tatam

Head of Engineering Photonics
Instrumentation, sensors and measurement Science, sensor technologies

Dr Wojciech Suder

Senior lecturer in Laser Processing and Additive Manufacture
Laser processing

Dr Tom Charrett

Instrumentation, sensors and measurement science, sensor technologies

Dr Nguyen Van Ahn

Lecturer in Additive Manufacture
Arc physics, fluid flow, develop novel technologies.

Dr Yongle Sun

Lecturer in Additive Manufacture
Additive manufacturing, welding, modelling.


Dr Goncalo Pardal

Senior Research Fellow
Laser Processing, Laser/Arc DED, ancillary technologies as local shielding, wire positioning and feeding

Armando Caballero

Research Fellow in Additive Manufacturing and Laser Processing
Process Development, Material Characterization, Materials Development.

Dr Thomas Kissinger

Lecturer in Optical Instrumentation
Optical Measurements, Interferometry, Photonics

Dr Chenglei Diao

Research Fellow in Additive Manufacturing
Part building, FEA modelling, Process Development.

Dr Jian Qin

Research Fellow in Laser Additive Manufacture
AM System Integration, Process Monitoring and Controlling, and Advanced Data Analytics.

Guangyu Chen

Research Fellow in Additive Manufacturing

Dr Jun Wang

Research Fellow in Additive Manufacturing
In-situ alloying metallurgy, Additive Manufacturing, Materials Characterization, Mechanical behaviours investigation.

Dr Chong Wang

Research Fellow in Additive Manufacturing
Process development of Wire-Based Metal Additive Manufacturing.

Eloïse Eimer

Senior Research Fellow
WAAM process for aluminium deposition, aluminium metallurgy and Life cycle assessment for WAAM


João Bento

PhD student

William James

PhD student

Paul Poulain

PhD student

Alireza M. Haghighi

PhD student

Zahraddeen Musa

PhD student

Xichen Wang

PhD student

Emma German

PhD student

Soumyajit Koley

PhD student


Nisar Shah

Technical support