Dr Nguyen Van Ahn

Arc physics, fluid flow, develop novel technologies.
Work position: Lecturer in Additive Manufacture
Category: Academic input

I have been a Lecturer in Additive Manufacturing (AM) at Cranfield University since August2021. I obtained an MSc (2013) in Welding Engineering at Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Vietnam and a Ph.D. (2018) in Material Science and Engineering at Osaka University, Japan. My Ph.D. research at Osaka University focused on applying innovative experimental techniques to track the molten metal flow in the weld pool in keyhole welding. From graduation until 2021 July, I was employed in the Murata Welding Laboratory in Japan, a privately owned company, initially as a researcher and then as the leader of the welding study group. My team developed a novel hybrid micro TIG-Plasma welding process and a hybrid arc-plasma–spot welding technique that provides high-quality, reliable welds of ultra-thin metal sheets. In addition to being a team leader, I was appointed as the Principal Investigator of an extensive multinational program sponsored by the Vingroup Innovation Foundation. The project aims to optimize and automate welding ultra-thin metal sheets. The technology that is being developed has essential applications in the manufacture of lithium batteries, automobiles, and integrated-circuit chips.

Currently, my research focuses on developing novel Micro-AM technologies using arc plasma power sources to replace Laser and Electron Beam AM processes in manufacturing miniature parts in fields such as Biotechnology, Aerospace, and Electronical devices. At the same time, I have also used high-speed image technologies to diagnose and elucidate the arc physics phenomena, molten pool behavior, and heat transfer in AM processes.