15 Feb

Some machining, finally!

Unless you knew this is AM, you wouldn't guess, would you?

As you know, machining is not our main area of expertise. In fact, we are trying to do as little of it as possible! However, for most critical applications, especially for those subject to cyclic fatigue, surface finish really matters, and the typical waviness that comes with the WAAM process must be removed throughout.

Here are two examples of WAAMed parts. The first is shown in the cover of this post, and is a valve seat made of Inconel 718, which actually was made by one of our industry partners, GlenAlmond Technologies, and also machined by them. GA are bulding up their WAAM capability but have extensive machining expertise.

The second is a simple aluminium test piece which was deposited and machined here at Cranfield. Its geometry is surely nothing special, but there is only so much we can show you, and certain things must be kept for ourselves.

Both components are shining examples of how AM isn't just great at increasing the complexity of what can be made, but is also a superb manufacturing alternative to traditional techniques that suffer from incurable high material waste and extremely long lead times.

Filomeno MartinaCranfield