1 Apr

Welcome to WAAMMat's website!

Launching our online platform designed for our industry members as well as the general public

Welcome to WAAMMAt's website!

This website will serve mainly two purposes:

  • It will be a fundamental public interface for the general public, with lots of information about the WAAM process, the WAAMat programme, the people involved and the direction we are taking with our research.
  • It will provide a download platform to facilitate the dissemination of our research outcome, especially for the members of the WAAMMat consortium who will have also access to a restricted area.

Most of the content has been uploaded already, but we will continue improving project descriptions, team pages, and the download section in the next few weeks. We hope you enjoy your visit and wish you a pleasant time on waammat.com!


Dr Filomeno Martina,

on behalf of the WAAMMat team

Filomeno MartinaCranfield