Machining of WAAM parts

Investigating the datum requirements for WAAM parts and how to define the CNC toolpath for the post-machining.
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The overall aim of this research project was to investigate the post-machining of Wire and Arc Additive Manufactured (WAAM) parts. In more detail, one of the objective of this project is to investigate use of datum point during the CNC machining process in order to overcome the difficulty accurately locating the WAAM part on the CNC machine. The results show that the datum point can be located on the substrate.

The second objective was to investigate the method of modelling the near-net-shape of the part in order to undertake the CNC toolpath generation of the post machining step. It was found out that the modelling of near-net-shape is the most time consuming step during the machining process. An improved method of modelling the near-net shape part was investigated using a 3D scanned model of the as-deposited part as near-net-shape directly for machining, the machining program is created successfully, however, it needs to be validated in the real machining work in CNC machine. One sample part was post- machined as part of the project