Dr Supriyo Ganguly

Metallurgy and fatigue & damage tolerance
Work position: Reader in Welding and Additive Materials Science
Category: Academic input

His research explores the options of intelligent applications of laser and arc welding technologies based on the fundamental understanding of material interaction with heat sources. At present, Dr Ganguly's research focuses on the application of laser in joining of dissimilar metallic combinations, towards improving productivity and microstructural and metallurgical modification to create defect free sound joints for structural applications.  The creation of functional surface layers and structures using arc and laser based heat sources is also an area of  interest.

He is the principal investigator of an EPSRC sponsored project on laser joining of dissimilar metallic materials for advanced structural and engineering  and co-investigator in the EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing for Laser-based Production Processes  and High Deposition Rate Additive Manufacture of Complex Metal Parts (HiDepAM).  He is also  working with several industries in transportation, oil and gas, nuclear, aerospace and medical sectors. Other duties are the supervision of 6 PhD students and 2 post-doctoral research fellows.