Dr Wojciech Suder

Laser processing
Work position: Lecturer in Laser Processing
Category: Academic input

Wojciech Suder is an academic scientist working on various projects in laser processing and arc welding. He has been working at Cranfield University since 2012 as a research fellow in laser processing. Since January 2016 he has been appointed as a lecturer in laser processing and welding science. His area of expertise is in laser processing and hybrid laser welding for various applications from micro-joining to thick section welding. Over a couple of years he has been actively involved in research on fundamentals of laser-material interactions and development of laser welding for various applications. One of the outcomes of the work was development of phenomenological algorithms for improvement of transferability of laser processes between different lasers. Hi works actively towards promoting more robust “black art”-free laser welding, by encouraging better understanding of laser welding amongst the laser users. His work, therefore, has been strongly applied and closely collaborative with various industries. Wojciech knows laser welding from practical and fundamental aspects.

His research interests are:

  • Fundamentals of interaction between laser and material in laser processing
  • Physical phenomena of keyhole and melt pool
  • Response of material to the transient thermal cycle
  • Advanced arc welding processes
  • Development of new welding methods
  • Micro laser processing and utilisation of pulsed lasers
  • Laser systems and process monitoring