Dr Wojciech Suder

Process Development, Laser and Arc based Fusion Processes, Process Physics
Work position: Senior lecturer in Laser Processing and Additive Manufacture
Category: Academic input
Dr Wojciech Suder is a Senior Lecturer in Laser Processing and Additive Manufacturing and the Course Director of Welding Engineering Master Course at Cranfield University. His research interest is fundamental process-material interactions, welding physics, advanced welding processes, laser processing, industrial welding, additive manufacture and system development.
He holds a PhD in laser welding from Cranfield University and an MSc in Materials Science from Gdansk University of Technology. He works actively towards promoting more robust “black art”-free laser processing and arc welding, by encouraging better understanding of processes and material requirements. His work has been strongly applied and closely collaborative with various industries. Wojciech knows welding and additive manufacturing processes from practical and fundamental aspects.