Dr Yongle Sun

Additive Manufacturing, Welding, Modelling.
Work position: Lecturer in Additive Manufacture
Category: Academic input

Dr. Yongle Sun is a Lecturer in Additive Manufacture at Cranfield University. He has over 10 years research experience tackling the scientific and application challenges associated with engineering materials. These materials or material systems (e.g., metallic alloys, cellular solids, and thermal barrier coatings) and the ways to process them play crucial roles in underpinning our energy and aerospace industries. Up to the end of 2021, he had published 15 research papers in leading journals as the first author and other 28 journal papers as a (corresponding) co-author.

He was the lead researcher for 7 funded research projects and has been playing the role as an investigator in other 3 funded research projects. He is a member of NAFEMS Manufacturing Process Simulation Working Group and sits on the editorial / topical advisory boards of three international journals. His research has been contributing to the new knowledge and understanding gained mainly through thermal, metallurgical and mechanical modelling, and the outputs of his research have been applied to solve engineering problems and develop new materials manufacturing technologies in industries.

His current research is focused on metal additive manufacturing, encompassing process modelling, control of residual stress and distortion, and investigation of process-microstructure-property relationship.