Eloise Eimer

Integrated aluminium structures
Work position: PhD Research Student
Category: Students

I am currently working as a Master Student in the Welding Engineering and Laser Processing centre at Cranfield University. I got this position in February 2015 through an international internship funded by the company Constellium. Before the beginning of the contract I am currently committed to, I worked in Constellium Technology Centre (C-TEC) as an intern on thermomechanical simulation of spray quenching for 6 months then as a heating engineer on one of their factories (Issoire – France) , to participate in the setup of a new quenching industrial machine for 4 months.

Concerning my academic background, I obtained my Engineer degree (Master 2) in September 2014 in Mechanical and Energy Engineering from the Engineering school ENSE3 (Energy, Water and Environmental Sciences) belonging to Grenoble Institute of technology (France). I studied fluid mechanics, thermal science as well as mechanic of solid, mechanical design and numerical simulation. These topics train future engineer in the skills required to work in the transportation and energy production sectors, thermal, hydraulic and oil industry as design, trials, calculation, research development and operations supervision engineer.