Prof Stewart Williams

Programme director
Work position: Head of welding engineering and laser processing
Category: Programme leads

Main research activities are focused on additive manufacture and laser processing. Additive manufacture research is targeted at large scale engineering structures using the wire + arc additive manufacture (WAAM) process. A multi project multi-client programme has been put in place, WAAMMat, aimed at maturing the technology so that it can be exploited by industry. The research is tackling problems such as automation, mechanical properties, residual stress and distortion and how to build complex structures. The programme comprises more than 20 activities including student projects, industry contracts and government funded projects. As well as industrial partners we have several academic partners helping us achieve our goal.

Laser processing research is based around using fundamental material interaction parameters for different processes. This is being applied to industrial problems such as laser hybrid welding of pipelines and laser cutting. Pulsed laser research is targeting problems such as dissimilar welding, composite processing and peening.